It’s 11:30 and the club is brunchin, brunchin

Ah, brunch. The social nexus of DC weekend activities. A way to inject your weekend with a little bit more alcohol, a lot more calories, and lots and lots more bonding with your friends over mimosas and bloodies.

I had done boozy brunch in NYC before, but never in DC! This past weekend, we obviously had to do it both Saturday and Sunday to make up for lost time.

Saturday morning we were all a little slow moving from a wild n’ crazy Friday night out with friends, but we managed to all make it to the gym before taking an Uber to Local 16 in Dupont Circle around 1 PM.

Local 16 Rooftop
Local 16 Rooftop

All of their rooftop seating was booked at this point, so we headed upstairs where there were exactly three chairs left at the bar. FATE. We hopped on in, and our bartender (who looked like a bad bitch, we liked her) immediately got us going with some mims. Ordering was a very difficult process because we were all in some limbo between hangover-give-me-all-the-greasy-things and post-gym-my-body-is-a-temple. I’m really good at hyphenating, if you couldn’t tell. In the end, Megan ordered the eggs benedict, Lexi got the spring vegetable pizza, and I got the grilled vegetable sandwich on pizza dough. Everything was AMAZING and we scarfed it right down.


We’re collecting pictures of three drinks together so that we can hang them all over our apartment just in case anyone is worried that we don’t drink.

We hung out enjoying our bottomless, telling stories, and feeling happier and happier, until our 2 hour time limit was up. Megan had a happy hour date, so we metro’d back to our apartment, making a quick pit stop at TJs where we bought 5 bottles of wine but like I swear we don’t have a problem or anything… also I noticed that the TJs wine bag thing says “life is too short to drink bad wine” which is really ironic because the $4 champagne we bought was pretty shitty. Hm.

We had plans to attend a housewarming party for some friends from UVA, but by 8:30 PM all of us were in bed wearing sweats. Partying is hard, guys. I mustered up all of my strength to crawl over to my phone and put on some pump up vibes. When Usher’s “Yeah” came pumping up the speakers, I was like a new woman. I pulled myself together and moonwalked out of my room into the kitchen to pop the bottle of “champagne,” and Lexi and Megan joined me, also revitalized by the music (which had now changed to Tyga’s “Ayy Ladies,” always the start of a good night). We finished the bottle, took a round of shots, and then headed to Ballston.

Sarah and Steph’s apartment is really nice! It’s spacious and clean and full of Svedka. That was a nice perk. I joined in a boxing lesson that was going on in the living area, we reunited with old friends, and we made some new friends. Someone brought pizza, someone brought cookies, and there was all that vodka, so good times were had by all.

Speaks for itself
Speaks for itself

Our friend Ben made the executive decision that it was time to go to bars, so we headed out and started the walk back to Clarendon. On the way, we passed an apartment building that had some construction supplies outside.

Lexi: Man, I wish we weren’t going straight to bars, so that we could steal one of these traffic cones for our apartment!
Me: Haha, yeah….
Lexi and I look at each other
We slow down
We turn around
Grab the cone
Run like bats out of hell

We were undoubtedly the most popular girls in Arlington as we walked by holding that cone. “That’s one good looking cone!” called one guy. “Damn, nice cone!” said another. “I love stealing cones! I have like 10 in the back of my pickup truck!” quipped one particularly redneck girl.

The trickiest part was getting it past the police stationed around Clarendon. I did my best to blend in and act innocent, and it must have worked – either that or they had more important things to worry about than a group of six “young professionals” carting around a traffic cone.

Coney in his new home
Coney in his new home

We made is safely back to our apartment, took a round of shots to the cone (who we have affectionately and creatively dubbed ‘Coney’) and headed to Spider Kelly’s. All in all, hugely successful night!

Brunch Round 2

MY GRANDLITTLE CAME TO VISIT ME! Madison finished up her internship, so we decided to try out¬†brunch at Cava Mezze, which I have heard incredible things about. After giving her a tour of my apartment, which she has decided that she will one day inherit, we walked over and got the last table in the restaurant. The menu was really overwhelming, and there was an all you can eat/drink option for $30, but I needed to drive after and we decided that if we attempted to eat our money’s worth we would need to be physically rolled out of the restaurant. A la carte it was!

So much love for Lil' Mads
So much love for Lil’ Mads

We noticed that the dishes coming out were small plates, so we each decided on two things. Mads and I both got the French Toast, and I also got a Village Frittata (spinach, leeks, feta) and she got the Mini Cava Breakfast (eggs, potato hash). I also got a grapefruit mimosa because YOLO.


Everything was delicious, but guys. This French Toast CHANGED OUR LIVES. Mads and I wept when it was gone. Holy cow. Cue me trying to recreate this and being continually disappointed for the next two months.

After our brunch, we walked around the area for a bit, which further cemented Madison’s bucket list item of living in my exact apartment. I drove her home, and we explored the Alexandria Waterfront while she gave me tips on good date ideas there. Look out, gentlemen!

So in love
So in love

It was so good to reconnect and keep the good weekend vibes going! All in all, solid weekend. Can’t wait to add more places to my brunch repertoire!


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