Bye, Bye Miss Peruvian Pie

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today was much, MUCH calmer than yesterday. Exactly what we needed, because we’re all still a bit hungover.

After a shower and pitiful attempt to pull myself together, Collin, Kevin, and I dragged ourselves to the Marcado to grab breakfast. We found several stands offering Peruvian breakfast for less than $2 and were sold.

Kevin ordered arroz con huevo y salchicha, rice with a fried egg and “sausage” aka a weirdly sliced hotdog that looked like an octopus that was dropped in the fryer for a few seconds. The package literally says “Perro Caliente.” Legit?

I ordered the arroz con hue mixto, which I thought meant scrambled egg, but apparently means rice with egg, hotdog, avocado, papas fritas, plantain, and lime. YUM. My hungover self was very satisfied with this Bodo’s alternative. We each ten grabbed a juice and were off on the day’s adventure.

Today, we continued our Boleto Turistico journey with a visit to Q’inqu. This is one of the largest holy places in the area, and was believed to be a place where sacrifices and mummification took place (therefore a great place for us to go and probably disrespect a whole lot of Incan gods). We had heard that we should take a taxi up, so we headed to Plaza de Armas and paid a guy S/.15 to take us… to where we had walked to yesterday. But, it was only $5, so it was fine. My legs needed some rest anyway.

We spent some time exploring, and Kevin laid on a sacrificial altar (have fun being cursed now!), but then it started to rain. We’ve been very lucky with avoiding rainy season, so we hadn’t brought any plastic bags to shield our phones. We headed back to find shelter when the first drops started.


One of the hostels Kevin’s sister had stayed at, La Boheme, is attached to a crepe shop… so naturally, we needed to stop there! Collin works at The Flat, a creperie in Charlottesville, and needed to do a little market research. The creperie didn’t open until 4, though, and it was only 1 PM, so we took shelter in a nearby café called ‘L’atelier.’ Evidently, Cusco has its own French Quarter, and we found it!


The café was AWESOME. It had open air seats on two little balconies, and was run by a French woman who spoke French, Spanish, and English. Kevin and I were thrilled to find someone in Peru who we could speak French with!


Kevin had a slice of DELICIOUS carrot cake, while Collin and I opted for the Key Lime pie. Happy pi day! Our coffees were served in mugs with little shortbread cookies drizzled in chocolate. Everything was delicious, and we relaxed and took advantage of the wifi until the rain stopped.


While Kevin and I headed back to the hostel to rest, Collin went to Plaza de Armas to take a S/.25 walking tour of the Jesuit Church. He got back to the hostel just before 4, which meant it was crepe time. We walked back to La Boheme, and were all feeling a little bit off between the dreary weather, our nagging hangovers, and the salchicha. Collin, in his search for a bathroom, ran into the glass window of La Boheme thinking it was a door. It was a great way to break the ice with the other patrons of the restaurant!


We each ordered a savory crepe: mine with some mix of cheese, veggies, and basil, Kevin’s with some other mix of cheese and veggies, and Collin’s with chicken, avocado, and cheese (his go to at The Flat, for comparison’s sake). They were delicious, but what really stole the show was the lemonade made with passionfruit, strawberry, ginger and mint. Collin gave the edge on his favorite crepe to La Boheme – yeah Peru!

IMG_6431 IMG_6435

We followed up with sweet crepes, sharing two butter-sugar crepes between the three of us There were also really good, but Collin gave the edge in this round to The Flat because they use more butter. He declared these “too healthy.”

Full, we made our way back to the hostel to read and relax. It’s currently 8 PM, and I think I’m going to bed. Goodnight!


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