Getting to Peru: Planes, No Trains, and Automobiles

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dulles Airport, Gate A19. Here I sit, in the surprisingly comfortable leather-backed seats lining the gate area like soldiers, weary from battle with millions of travelers. To my right, Collin is plugging away at his computer, lost in music and Nostrajamus work. To my left, Kevin is glued to his iPhone screen, the perfect foil to the elderly couple reading newspapers next to him.


In one hour, at 9:54 AM, our plane will take off and we will begin our 5 hour journey to Panama City, Panama. From there, we make our way to Peru, landing in Lima at 7 PM. After a night in the airport (yay) we’ll make our way to Cusco, and from there, to our final destination: Ollantaytambo, Peru.

I honestly cannot believe I’m sitting here right now. Never have I ever been out of the United States, unless you count Canada (which I don’t). So much of my heart has gone into planning this trip: from multiple late nights booking and subsequently canceling flights (Stockholm and Amsterdam, we will meet eventually), to traveling to a small Central Virginia town (boasting one CVS and two stoplights) to get my passport, to early, EARLY mornings booking trains over Paradox Pastry muffins before work. I’m sure all of our preparation will pay off.

We spent the day yesterday preparing for the adventure ahead of us (i.e. we slept, bought tons of junk at Target, and ate a lot). In the loving care of the Nguyen family, we filled our bellies with Pho, Macaroni Grille, and gummy vitamins. Enough gummies to fight off Montezuma’s revenge? Only time will tell.IMG_6089

This is the adventure of a lifetime. I can’t wait for it to begin.


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